Councillors and Decision Making


Notice of Key Decisions

Key Decisions are executive decisions which are likely to result in the incurring of expenditure, or the making of savings, of more than £500,000 and/or be significant in terms of their effects on communities living or working in an area comprising two or more wards in the Borough.

Notice of a key decision is given at least 28 days before the date when the decision is to be taken - usually by the Cabinet at their monthly meeting.

The Notice also indicates whether any decisions need to be taken in private if exempt or confidential information might be disclosed.

Some key decisions relating to economic development matters are delegated to the Joint Executive Committee of the Marches Local Enterprise Partnership, on which the Council is represented by The Leader.

Notices of key decisions to be made by the Council's Cabinet and decisions made by the Leader of the Council. (Formerly known as the Forward Plan.)