Members of Planning Committee

The Planning Committee’s main role is to determine applications for planning permission within the Borough. Not all applications come before the Planning Committee – decisions on many small applications are delegated to Officers. The Committee has powers in relation to listed building and conservation area consent and the making of tree preservation orders. It also has enforcement powers to take action against unauthorised developments. The Planning Committee consists of 9 Members, politically balanced.

Meetings of the Planning Committee are normally held every 3-4 weeks. The agenda is available on the web site 5 working days prior to the Committee meeting (which will also include the minutes of the previous Committee meeting). The minutes of the latest Committee meeting will be presented to the next Committee meeting.

The meetings are open to the public, and members of the public are allowed to speak. For further details on the arrangements for public speaking at Planning Committee please download the current guidance here. Other Councillors are allowed to address the Committee on any applications that are located in their Ward in accordance with the scheme.

Further information regarding what to expect at Planning Committee meetings and answers to many frequently asked questions can be downloaded here.

A Calendar of Meetings can be downloaded here.

This Committee was previously known as Plans Board and, for convenience, all previous Plans Board agendas can be found below.

John Charles MINOR
Chair John Charles MINOR
vice-Chair Chris TURLEY
 Nigel DUGMORE - Member
 Jayne GREENAWAY - Member
 Kevin GUY - Member
 Amrik Singh JHAWAR - Member
 Jackie LOVERIDGE - Member
 Adrian MEREDITH - Member
 John Charles MINOR - Chairman
 Leon MURRAY - Member
 Chris TURLEY - Vice-Chairman
Meeting Dates for Municipal Year 2014/15
   »  11 June 2014 6.00 pm
   »  02 July 2014 6.00 pm
   »  23 July 2014 6.00 pm
   »  13 August 2014 6.00 pm
   »  03 September 2014 6.00 pm
   »  24 September 2014 6.00 pm
   »  15 October 2014 6.00 pm
   »  05 November 2014 6.00 pm
   »  26 November 2014 6.00 pm
   »  17 December 2014 5.00 pm
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