Councillors and Decision Making

Customer, Community & Partnership Scrutiny Committee

The Committee scrutinises and monitors issues relating to the following key areas: 

- the development of Telford & Wrekin as a Co-operative Council and any resulting policies and service changes, other than matters scrutinised by the Scrutiny Management Board;
- the planning, delivery and performance of services provided to local communities for example libraries; sport, leisure and culture facilities; community centres; environmental services or community based projects involving the Council and community cohesion.
- issues relating to how the Council works with partner organisations such as Town & Parish Councils, the voluntary sector, community groups and local people, in particular where these organisations are or may be involved in the delivery of Council services;
- scrutiny of the services provided by partner organisations in accordance with national legislation.
- housing, homelessness, transport and highways, regeneration, waste and recycling, customer services, community engagement, welfare reform, enforcement.

The Customer, Community and Partnership  Scrutiny Committee is also the designated body for scrutiny of the Safer, Stronger Communities Partnership as set out in section 19 of the Police & Justice Act (2006) and of Flood and Water Management as set out in the Flood and Water Management Act 2010.  

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