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Full Council

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Date: Thursday 01 March 2018

Time: 6:00 PM

Location: Oakengates Theatre, Limes Walk, Oakengates, Telford, TF2 6ET   View Map

Democratic Services:
Deborah Moseley (83215)  

Media Enquiries:
Nigel Newman (82403)  

Lead Officer:
Jonathan Eatough (83200)  

 Agenda    Agenda.pdf 
1.0 Prayers
2.0 Apologies for Absence
3.0 Declarations of Interest
4.0 Minutes of the Council
To confirm the minutes of the meeting of the Council held on 11 January 2018.
5.0 Public Questions

To receive any questions from the public which have been submitted under Council Procedure Rules 7.11 and 7.12. The session will last no more than 15 minutes with a maximum of 2 minutes allowed for each question and answer. Questions can be asked of The Leader and Cabinet Members.

None received.

6.0 Leader’s Report & Announcements
The Leader of the Council may give an oral report on matters of significance to the Borough, comment upon the Cabinet decisions or make any announcements.
7.0 Mayor’s Announcements
To note the Mayoral Engagements undertaken since the Council meeting held on 11 January 2018. 
8.0 Cabinet Decisions Made Since the Last Meeting of the Council
To receive the report on the Cabinet decisions made since publication of the last Council meeting agenda. Cabinet Members may speak on these decisions and Members may ask questions about key decisions of the relevant Cabinet Member for the purposes of clarification only.  Members are asked to note the additional delegations to officers granted at those meetings.
9.0 Recommendations from Cabinet

Cabinet – 15 February 2018

(i) Driving Delivery of the Council’s Priorities

Recommended that the Council Plan is approved and the in-year performance against the Council’s priorities is considered and noted.

10.0 Service and Financial Planning 2018/19 to 2019/20

To consider the reports listed below which are contained within the separate Budget document enclosed with the agenda. Reports E1 to E4 were considered by Cabinet on 15 February 2018 for recommendation to Council for approval.

a) Overview & Revenue Budget (E1)
b) Capital Programme (E2)
c) 2018/19 Treasury Strategy & Treasury Update (E3)
d) Prudential Indicators (E4)
e) Council Tax - Formal Resolutions for 2018/19 (E5)

Appendix E1
 Service and Financial Planning Report.pdf   Appendix 1- Council Tax Graphs Midlands 2017 18.pdf   Appendix 2 - Council Tax Graphs Unitaries 2017 18.pdf   Appendix 3 - Pay Policy Statement.pdf   Appendix 4 - Savings Strategy.pdf   Appendix 5 - Savings List.pdf   Appendix 6 - Financing Costs to Net Revenue Stream.pdf   Appendix 7 - Base Budget.pdf   Appendix 8 - Base Movements.pdf   Appendix 9 - Reserves Balances.pdf   Appendix 10 - Education s. 106 to period 7 - Oct 17.pdf   Appendix 11 - CFO Robustness Report.pdf   Appendix 12 - Safeguarding CIP.pdf   Appendix 13 - Adult Social Care CIP.pdf   Appendix 14 - Summary of Savings.pdf   Appendix 15 - Efficiency Strategy.pdf   Appendix 16 - Risk Register.pdf   Appendix 17 - Pride investments 2017 - 2019.pdf   Appendix 18 - Savings delivered to date.pdf 
11.0 Questions

To answer questions received under Council Procedure Rule 6.2.

NB   In accordance with the provisions of Council Procedure Rule 6.2.9 there will be a maximum of 30 minutes allowed for questions and answers.  Any question not answered within the 30 minute time limit will receive a written reply within 5 working days.

12.0 Notices of Motion

(i) Councillor L D Carter will propose the following Motion:-

This Council notes with concern the attempted hostile takeover of GKN by Melrose PLC which threatens the jobs of many high skilled manufacturing workers, their pension funds and the supply chain.

We call upon the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy to use his powers under the Enterprise Act 2002 and intervene in the public interest to block any sale which is against the long term interests of the Company and its workforce.

The Motion will be seconded by Councillor S Davies.
(ii) Councillor S Davies will propose the following Motion:-

Council notes with alarm the threat of imminent overnight closure of the A&E service at Princess Royal Hospital (PRH). It comes, apparently coincidentally, at a time when agreement from NHS England to proceed with the long-awaited consultation on Future Fit is still not forthcoming.

Council seeks urgent assurances from SaTH that the measure under consideration

1. Is not a way of pursuing the Future Fit preferred option by other means and without consultation
2.  Has taken full account of the much-discussed clinical requirement for the Women and Children’s Centre to be co-located with A&E and will include the necessary steps to ensure patient safety

Council reiterates its call to the two Members of Parliament for Telford and Wrekin to lobby their Government to ensure that the PRH retains its Women and Children’s Centre and that the local NHS is sufficiently resourced and staffed to provide full acute services in this growing Borough.

The Motion will be seconded by Councillor A R H England.
(iii) Councillor A J Eade will propose the following Motion:-

This Council notes with concern the flawed consultation proposed by Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin CCGs to help determine future hospital services in Telford & Wrekin, Shropshire, and adjacent communities.

This Council also notes with concern the limited options proposed for consultation by Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin CCGs and believes that they will not offer an equitable, modern or cost effective solution to 2lst Century health provision.

Consequently, this Council resolves to urge Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin CCGs to include a third option within its consultation process based on the tried and trusted model as provided in Northumbria.

This will include the provision of a new Emergency Care Unit located between Telford and Shrewsbury, community hospitals, plus the retention of the PRH and RSH to provide planned surgery and specialisms plus the four current community hospitals across Shropshire.

The Motion will be seconded by Councillor N A Dugmore.