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We will carry out credit and reference checks before accepting you for a tenancy.

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Section 2 - Address history

Please provide three years address history.

Section 3 - Credit information

ADVERSE CREDIT – It is imperative that you declare adverse credit. If you have any County Court Judgement’s (CCJs) a certificate of satisfaction is required before we are able to proceed with your application

In the last 6 years have you had any of the following:

Section 4 - Employment Details

Previous occupation if current is less than six months

Section 5 - Bank Details

Next of Kin Details

Character referee

This should not be a family member and please ensure that this is different from Applicant 2.

Other occupants

Everybody you propose to live in the property regardless of age

Proposed household information

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Vehicles to be kept at the property including cycles, motor cycles and caravans