Councillors and Decision Making

Scrutiny Leadership Board

The Scrutiny Leadership Board consists of six members, appointed according to the political balance of the Council. Appointments are for a 2 year period. The Board is collectively responsible for scrutiny of the Council's overall priority of Transforming Telford & Wrekin. Lead responsibility for the Council's other Community Priorities is as follows:Councillor J.A.Francis - Priority 2: Giving Children & Young People the Best Possible Start in their lives.Councillor R.Aveley - Priority 3: Maintaining a High Quality, Attractive and Sustainable Environment.Councillor H.Williams - Priority 4: Creating a Safe, Strong and Cohesive Community.Councillor D.R.W.White - Priority 5: Promoting Healthy Communities and Improving the Quality of Life of Vulnerable and Older People.Councillor A.A.Mackenzie - Priority 6: Strengthening the Local Economy and the Skills of Local People.Councillor A.Meredith - Priority 7: An Efficient, Effective Customer-Focused Council that delivers Value-For-Money for the Community.Terms of Reference1. To co-ordinate and guide the management and work of the Council's Scrutiny Assembly.2. To have overall responsibility for ensuring that the Council's scrutiny function is effective and to develop action plans for ongoing improvement.3. To agree plan and co-ordinate the annual scrutiny work programme, to ensure that there is efficient use of time and that the potential for duplication of effort is minimised.4. The Scrutiny Leadership Board may appoint standing groups to which it can delegate areas of responsibility to scrutinise in detail.5. To undertake scrutiny reviews of startegic or cross-cutting items, including the Local Area Agreement, and to hold the Cabinet and appropriate representatives of partner organsations to account for these items.6. To have the powers of an Overview and Scrutiny Committee in relation to Cabinet decisions made but not implemented as set out in Section 21(3) of the Local Government Act 2000 i.e. call-in of decisions taken but not yet implemented.7. To have the powers of an Overview and Scrutiny Committee in relation to the consideration of Councillor Calls for Action, in relation to scrutiny of Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships, in relation to scrutiny of performance of Local Area Agreements and in relation to the consideration of referrals of social care matters from the Local Involvement Network (LINK).8. In accordance with regulations under Section 7 of the Health & Social Care Act 2001, to review and scrutinise matters relating to the health service within the Council's area and to make reports and recommendations to local NHS bodies. The status of a statutory consultee for NHS consultations on substantial variation or development of services will be delegated to the Health Scrutiny Monitoring Group.

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