Councillors and Decision Making

Councillors' Pride Fund

The Councillors' Pride Fund provides ward members with the opportunity to allocate funding towards improvements or projects within their ward. It also offers an opportunity to make a big difference with a small amount of money. The wide range of exciting projects that were supported last year demonstrates the difference this initiative can make, particularly when a contribution is also made by a local Town or Parish Council.

In 2024, Members are allocated a maximum of £5,000.

All projects/groups that are funded will need to demonstrate how they contribute to the Council's priorities:

Every child, young person and adult lives well in their community;

Everyone benefits from a thriving economy;

All neighbourhoods are a great place to live;

Our natural environment is protected, and the Council is taking a leading role in tackling the climate emergency;

A community-focused innovative council providing efficient, effective and quality services

Ward members are encouraged to seek match funding for their projects ensuring the money gets that little further, previous match funding has come from Parish and Town Councils, council service areas, companies and community groups. Proposals for this year's Councillors’ Pride Fund are now being accepted, please note proposals can only be accepted where a Councillor has asked a group to submit one. Proposal forms can be completed online.

Allocations for the current year and previous years can be found below.

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Planters in Hadley & Leegomery  - £128