Councillors and Decision Making

Scrutiny Commission 3 - Health & Care

The Commission has responsibility for monitoring and reviewing services provided by the Adult Social Care portfolio. These include the full range of social services for elder people, disability services, environmental health, housing needs and homelessness. The Commission also undertakes the Council’s new responsibility for scutinising health services in the Borough. The Commission carries out its scrutiny role through monitoring of Cabinet decisions, undertaking detailed investigations into specific service areas (and making recommendations to the Cabinet/Council if necessary) and contributing towards policy development. Scrutiny of health services is developing through examination of the Plans of local NHS Hospital and Primary Care Trusts, and in-depth review of selected service areas.The Commission consists of 8 Members, politically balanced. The meetings of the Commission are held in public. Some of the Commission’s work takes place in the community – gaining the views of service users, for example.

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