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Telford Baden Powell Traditional Scout Group

We have set up a traditional scout group in January this year with 6 scouts and 1 Wolf cub, this has now expanded to 10 scouts and 4 Wolf Cubs, we aim to give them as much experience of the outdoors as we can with camping being a major element of our scouting.  Most of our group at the moment living on either Stirchley, Randlay or Brookside. We are recruiting in all areas.  A high percentage of them have diverse issues which we try to help them work through.  We started up with no equipment at all and need to get kit for our summer camp at the end of July when we are going to Cardiff for a week. In particular we would allocate your money to buy an event shelter which we use for cooking in and storage. We also need to replace a gas bottle and to buy some large cooking pans. This would all come to around the £200.

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