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Ironbridge Gorge Brass Band Festival

The Ironbridge Gorge Brass Band Festival is an annual event that promotes and raises awareness of brass band music in the local area and further afield (take notice). It is a free to all festival and thus is accessible to people of all economic and social groups (active). It provides a stage (literally) for all standards of bands, individuals and in particular young players. Bands are able to network with each other and various other groups organising or looking for partnership in fundraising events and other music making activities (connect). The money will go towards the provision and transport of the stage for the event. As a result of visiting the festival many people have returned to music making or have started to learn how to play a brass instrument. Several young players have used the festival as a spring board into playing at higher levels and eventually reaching places at music college (keep learning). We utilise the facility to hold a ticketed evening concert in aid of the Severn Hospice - are way of giving something elseto the community (give).

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