Councillors and Decision Making


Full Council

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Date: Thursday 11 January 2018

Time: 6:00 PM

Location: Oakengates Theatre, Limes Walk, Oakengates, Telford, TF2 6ET   View Map

1.0 Prayers
2.0 Apologies for Absence
3.0 Declarations of Interest
4.0 Minutes of the Council
To confirm the minutes of the meeting of the Council held on 23 November 2017.
5.0 Leader’s Report & Announcements
The Leader of the Council may give an oral report on matters of significance to the Borough, comment upon the Cabinet decisions or make any announcements.
6.0 Mayor's Announcements
To note the Mayoral Engagements undertaken since the Council meeting held on 23 November 2017. 
7.0 Public Questions

To receive any questions from the public which have been submitted under Council Procedure Rules 7.11 and 7.12. The session will last no more than 15 minutes with a maximum of 2 minutes allowed for each question and answer. Questions can be asked of The Leader and Cabinet Members.

(i) The following question has been submitted by Carol Scott MBE:

“T&W is supportive of WASPI women born in 1950’s therefore would the council consider in any future budget following the Mayor Greater Manchester lead, Merseyside Council and TFL to issue bus passes to those women in the Borough still waiting and suffering hardship due to their delayed State Pension.”

8.0 Cabinet Decisions Made Since the Last Meeting of the Council
To receive the report on the Cabinet decisions made since publication of the last Council meeting agenda. Cabinet Members may speak on these decisions and Members may ask questions about key decisions of the relevant Cabinet Member for the purposes of clarification only.  Members are asked to note the additional delegations to officers granted at those meetings.
9.0 Recommendations from Cabinet

Cabinet – 7 December 2017

(i)   Community Safety Partnership Strategy 2017-2019

Recommended that the Safer Telford and Wrekin Strategy 2017-19 be approved.

(ii)  2017/18 Financial Management Report

Recommended that the changes to the capital programme as detailed in Appendix 1 of the report be approved

(iii) Council Tax Support Scheme 2018/19 and Council Tax Support Hardship Policy


(a) that the Council Tax Support Scheme Policy for 2018/19, as shown at Appendix A and the financial impact of the report be noted;

(b) that the revised Council Tax Hardship Policy and accompanying funding be approved.

(iv)  Telford & Wrekin Local Plan

Appendices to this report can be downloaded below. Hard copies are available to view in the Members Room.

Recommended that

(a) the recommendations set out in the Inspector’s report on the Examination of the Telford & Wrekin Local Plan (Appendix 1 to the report) and his Schedule of Main Modifications (Appendix 2 to the report) be accepted.

(b) the further Local Plan Minor Modifications (Appendix 3 and 4 to the report) be agreed.

(c) the changes set out in the Inspector’s Schedule of Main Modifications (Appendix 2 to the report), the Minor Modifications (Appendix 3 to the report) and Second Schedule of Minor Modifications (Appendix 4 to the report) be made to the Telford & Wrekin Local Plan (Appendix 5 to the report) and that the Telford & Wrekin Local Plan (Appendix 5 to the report), as amended by incorporating these changes, be adopted by the Council.

(d) the Policies Map (Appendix 7 to the report ) be adopted to illustrate geographically the policies in the new Local Plan 2011-2031

Cabinet – 4 January 2018

(i)   2017/18 Financial Management Report

Recommended that the changes to the capital programme as detailed in Appendix 1 of the report be approved

Appendix D1 Community Safety Partnership Strategy 2017-2019
 CSP Strategy Report.pdf   CSP Strategy.pdf 
10.0 Setting of the Council Tax Base for 2018/19
To receive the report of the Assistant Director:  Finance & Human Resources (Chief Financial Officer).
11.0 Questions

To answer questions received under Council Procedure Rule 6.2.

NB   In accordance with the provisions of Council Procedure Rule 6.2.9 there will be a maximum of 30 minutes allowed for questions and answers.  Any question not answered within the 30 minute time limit will receive a written reply within 5 working days.

12.0 Notices of Motion

(i) Councillor A R H England will propose the following Motion:-

‘This Council calls on SaTH to reverse their recent increase in parking charges at the Princess Royal Hospital at Telford and calls on the Government to replace the projected lost income to avoid a worsening financial deficit for the Trust.’

The Motion will be seconded by Councillor G C W Reynolds.